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Some ostomates find it difficult to acknowledge a stoma as part of their body image, but by giving

the stoma a name, instead of just ‘it’, they find this makes the stoma more acceptable and friendly.  Naming a stoma can help ostomates to like ‘it’, and develop a compassion for a friend that is

keeping them alive.

Obviously any name is possible, as long as it means something to the ostomate.

Listed below are a few names, which ostomates have given their stomas, and the reasons why.

Bob - bum on belly.  (Paul, Liverpool, UK).

My ileostomy is Bob The Knob, since the original name, Mr. Digby, was too long and because

of the huge prolapse.  (Rachel, Bournemouth, UK).

I had an ileostomy, which made me worse, so my surgeon said  ‘I will create Colin Colostomy’.

(Annie, UK).

I call mine Dog.  When it makes those embarrassing farting noises, I simply say - it wasn't

me, it was the dog!  (Mike,Texas, US).

I nicknamed mine Henry  (Lindsey, UK).

Homer The Stoma - he is awesomely noisy (lol)!  (Angela, UK).

Little Buddy - my little buddy changed my life, sometimes he's a little sh..  (Rhonda, Texas, US).

Paloma Stoma - fun name, and I love Paloma Faith.  (Polly-Anna, UK).

Pee Wee, so I can say ‘Pipe down Pee Wee’.  (Vicki, California, US).

Mine is Ruby.  First time I saw it that's what I thought of.  Looked like a little red gem.  

Does not act like one mind you.  (Sheila, Kansas, US).

Squirt is my urostomy, because when my stoma nurse first changed my stoma, it squirted all

over her and made me laugh a lot!  (Rachel, Bournemouth, UK).

Tes because it is made from in’tes’tine.  (Kristi, Alabama, US).

I've got a Mitrofanoff, which doesn't usually require a pouch - mine has failed, so I have to wear a urostomy bag.  So I've named mine Tiddles, because my wee tiddles out as and when it wants to.

(Zoe, UK).

Tsunami, because when it blows, it blows!  (Ada, North Carolina, US).

Volcano, because it erupts like one.  (Lydia, Saskatchewan, Canada).

I call mine Winnie - after the children's book ‘Winnie the Pooh’!  (Liz, UK).

Our 14-year-old daughter calls hers Wizzy - instead of taking a wiz, she says she's going to

take care of Wizzy.  (14-year-old Sierra, Virginia, US).

Do you have a name for your stoma?

If so, please email Jean at




Reproduced by kind permission of various ostomates

in the UK and worldwide.