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100% accuracy at time of writing cannot be guaranteed.  A listing in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and does not mean it is an endorsement.  All companies listed are tried at the reader’s own risk.  All information provided is intended as a supplement to any professional help already

given.  Before acting on suggestions from anyone, ostomates are advised to check with a doctor or stoma care nurse that the course of action is suitable

for them. Whilst every care is taken, the author will not be held responsible.

















Euan’s Guide is the disabled access review website where disabled people, their friends and families share and discover accessible places.  They are always working on new ways to make Euan’s Guide  even better, and they have lots of exciting new features coming up, including an improved search facility to make it easier to find places with facilities such as ceiling hoists or Changing Places toilets.  Watch this space!

Meanwhile, they recently unveiled points, levels and badges on Euan’s Guide to change things up

a little and to encourage reviewers old and new to try new places, add photographs to their

reviews and more.  Most importantly, it is good fun!  Contributors can now collect badges for

reviewing restaurants, hotels, theatres and more.  Reviewers can even build up a collection of

traveller badges, if they like to review abroad.  These badges will be displayed on the reviewer’s

profile, which can now be edited and customised with photographs, supported charities and a

header image.

If reviewers visit Euan’s Guide, they are able to customise their profile, rate the accessibility of

places they visit, and begin unlocking badges!

For more information, please visit Euan’s Guide on their website,


For more information on ‘Another Bag, Another Day’, including details to order a paperback,

Kindle, or eBook, please visit Another Bag, Another Day.






Hyperseal Washers

New sizes are now available in CliniMed’s Hyperseal with medical grade Manuka honey Washers

range - 30 mm., 40 mm. and 50 mm.  They are ideal for problematic stomas with crevices,

fistulas and scar tissue.  The unique Hyperflex hydrocolloid is completely mouldable against the

body contours, offering security and protection.   




Further details for the range can be found on CliniMed’s website,, where

ostomates can request a free sample.

Alternatively, please telephone the CliniMed Careline team on 0800 036 0100.











New Website

Based in Westhoughton, near Bolton in the North West of England, CD Medical is very much a local company offering innovative and cost-effective medical devices throughout the UK and beyond.  

They are now delighted to inform all ostomates that they have re-launched their website.

Their range includes Peel Easy, Clinifilm and Emollin - full details of which can be found on their





C D Medical invite ostomates to look at their new website,, where

ostomates can find extensive information and request free samples.

Alternatively, please telephone the C D Medical team on 01942 813 933,

or email











Bladder & Bowel Community - Launch Home Delivery Service

As part of their new identity, the Bladder & Bowel Community, (formerly known as the Bladder &

Bowel Foundation), are pleased to announce the launch of their Home Delivery Service.

Through the partnership with Bullen Healthcare, Bladder & Bowel Community members will be

able to be provided with a service, which takes care of appliance and prescription requirements,

utilising a discreet delivery service.

By signing up to the service, ostomates will receive a free Just Can’t Wait card and RADAR key.  Ostomates can also choose to receive a range of complimentary items such as hand sanitiser, wet

and dry wipes, Scentees disposable bags, bed pads and mattress protectors, with their order - all

of which will be available at no cost to ostomates.

The Bladder & Bowel Community Home Delivery Service is centred around ostomates.  By signing

up to the service, ostomates will be assigned a personal adviser, who will get to know their specific needs, and the prescriptions and appliances they require.  The advisers will then arrange to have

these sent out every month, or as needed.

Signing up to the service begins with an initial telephone call with one of the Bladder & Bowel Community’s friendly advisers, in which they will go through a check of ostomate’s current

stock of appliances and medication.  They will then take an ostomate’s order for the next month’s

appliances and prescriptions.  As ordering is designed to be flexible and focused on ostomates

 receiving the products when they need them, ostomates will not find themselves stockpiling

products, which they do not require.

All orders are then delivered to the location, which is specified by an ostomate, by the local Home Delivery Service driver.

With the service, ostomates are free to contact their personal adviser at any time, and advisers will

be able to inform ostomates about alternative products and discuss deliver arrangements.  If

ostomates find themselves in an emergency, the Rapid Response Team is on call 365 days a

year to ensure ostomates will always have access to the items they need.

The Bladder & Bowel Community Home Delivery Service is suitable for anyone with a stoma or

wound care.  Find out more about the service by visiting the website or telephone 0800 031 5406.


For more information on ‘Another Bag, Another Day’, including details to order a paperback,

Kindle, or eBook, please visit Another Bag, Another Day.







Salts Healthcare have launched completely new branding with effect from 3rd July 2017.  This fresh

and modern look will be rolled out across everything they do - stationery, literature, packaging,

website and signage over the next few weeks.  They feel it is time for a change at Salts Healthcare,

 time to move on with a new image that reflects the dynamic and forward-thinking company

that they are now.

Those ostomates, who use Salts Healthcare’s products, will see packaging changing to the bright

new look in the next few weeks.  If they use additional products, they will see that they have

changed the names of these to Salts Adhesive Remover Spray, Salts Mouldable Seals, etc.  This is because they have ceased using their old individual brand names in favour of using the Salts brand  across this range.

Take a look at their new website to get a feel for the new look -






Medilink, dispensing and home delivery service, has a brand new look (from 1st July 2018) – yet

still offering the same exceptional service to ostomates.  Medilink state that they have freshened up

their logo, rebranded their literature and improved their website to bring ostomates more care,

choice and convenience than ever before.


Supporting ostomates every step of the way by phone and face-to-face.


All makes of stoma and continence products, tailored to suit an ostomate’s personal needs.


Delivery options to work around an ostomate’s lifestyle from alternative addresses to timed

delivery slot notifications.

To see the transformation, visit






It is with pleasure and joy that Jo-Ann Tremblay is announcing the release of her new book -

Why Buttercup Wears A BAG! - The Adventures Of Buttercup And Elliott …

Written for the littlest persons with an ostomy, this children's book is a positive story starring

Buttercup, her friend Elliott and their new friend Squiggs.  Buttercup is a mouse with an ostomy.

This book, for young children, is about the many things children, (ostomate and non-ostomate), can

do in a day to learn, have fun and be strong.


As the three friends embark on a playful adventure at the park, they raise ostomy awareness.  Their special message encourages all young children, with or without an ostomy, to know they can

do anything they set their minds to.  

Family and friends will delight in reading, Why Buttercup Wears a BAG! with infants, toddlers, and

young children.  The story cheers readers on, while they connect with Buttercup as she deals with

her stoma in her daily life.  This book provides readers with an opportunity to stimulate conversations about ostomy thoughts and experiences.  The adventure cultivates the awareness that everyone we

meet is wonderfully unique, and that we all have an amazing story to tell, no matter who we are.  

This colourful and beautifully-illustrated book was written with the desire to inspire children and the people in their lives, to know that although we are faced with challenges, we are not alone and we

can live a quality of life in spite of it all.


Why Buttercup Wears a BAG! is a book that will delight the young ostomate in a person’s life.  Reading the book together as one embarks on the adventure with the three friends, provides the opportunity

for a person and their child to discuss and explore the everyday experiences of life with an ostomy.

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Book

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Kindle



To see the transformation, visit