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Health The Way Nature Intended

Leanne D. Chan

Amazon - Book

‘Health the Way Nature Intended’ is a friendly guide to the trifecta of health: mindfulness, exercises, meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, fresh juices and smoothies.  

The book was created for Darren Pedersen who knows first hand what it is like to ‘lose his health’. Darren underwent radiation, chemotherapy and had two major surgeries to remove his entire colon and lymph nodes.  Lost in the tunnel of cancer treatment with no guide and an overwhelming myriad of choices to make, Darren found his own balance between treatments, diets, lifestyle and mindset.

"I wanted to get back to living my life on my terms and focus on getting myself back to health the way nature intended it to be”.  Eating well with a stoma is a whole new world.  What to buy? What to cook?  A seven-day, step-by-step guide is here.  It guides an ostomate through shopping, meal-planning and cooking, fantastic stoma-safe, delicious meals for ostomates and their families.

The Good Gut Guide

Stephanie Zinser

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

Things that go wrong with your guts cause great embarrassment and this in turn can make illnesses frightening.  In this book, Stephanie Zinser - a health writer who, prior to surgery, had suffered from ulcerative colitis for ten years - discusses gut and bowel disorders, symptoms and causes in a simple and direct manner.

'The Good Gut Guide' offers comprehensive advice on diet, lifestyle, complimentary medicine, and support groups.  At the same time, it pays much-needed attention to the person behind the illness, exploring the effects that chronic or embarrassing illnesses can have on daily lives, states of mind, and relationships.

Great Comebacks From Ostomy Surgery

Rolf Benirschke

Amazon - Book

The inspirational stories of fifteen people, who have survived and thrived, following ostomy surgery.  

The Foul Bowel -

101 Ways To Survive And Thrive With Crohn's Disease

John Bradley

Stomawise - Book

Amazon - Kindle

Describing in often hilarious detail his own thirty-year odyssey through Crohn's, John Bradley treats the illness as a journey of learning, highlighting one hundred and one tips for how to better deal with symptoms, doctors, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, diet, relationships, career and life in general as a life-long Crohnie.

‘The Foul Bowel’ demonstrates that happiness is a state of mind, not a state of health, and how to take ownership for your illness and its treatment. The outcome is not just the feeling of triumphing over the medics - although that has its moments - but is a celebration of life as a Crohnie.

It’s Not Over Until The Bag Lady Rings

Ian F. Spratley

Amazon - Book

This book is relevant for patients, survivors and those who care for people with cancer - healthcare professionals as well as friends and family - and anyone else wanting an insight into the disease.  

Cancer sufferers not only have to deal with big issues - like confronting their own mortality - they have to cope with the everyday as well - the effect on relationships, changes in diet, whether or not to replace the dishwasher - and in the case of bowel cancer, perhaps a colostomy or ileostomy - while all the time trying to remain positive.  Based on the author's online diaries, this book will enable the reader to get inside the mind of a cancer patient and discover what it feels like to have to cope with this disease.

I’d Like To Buy A Bowel Please!

Brenda Elsagher

Stomawise - Book

‘I'd Like to Buy a Bowel Please!’ is filled with stories from eighty contributors, including healthcare workers, support people or ostomates.

These stories, which offer encouragement and inspiration to ostomates, give a glimpse into the daily challenges of a person dealing with an ostomy, while it shows their incredible spirit and humour to cope and move on with their very full lives.  

The author's witty and slightly sarcastic humour is weaved throughout.

It Takes More Than Guts

Phillip Van Hooser

Amazon - Book

‘It Takes More Than Guts’ is an amazing story of compassion, hope and the will to survive.  Phillip Van Hooser candidly shares his painful, yet extraordinary, struggle to carry on with life in the face of ulcerative colitis, an incurable inflammatory bowel disease that affects over one million Americans and their families.  Journey with Phillip as he travels from helplessness to medical hope.  His story reveals life-changing discoveries about the importance of family, friends and faith when facing life's most challenging tests.  

If The Battle Is Over, Why Am I Still In Uniform?

Brenda Elsagher

Stomawise - Book

Stomawise website

This story follows a thirty-nine-year-old woman through a diagnosis of colorectal cancer and subsequent surgery, with a look at her daily trials in a humorous and honest voice.

It’s In The Bag

Grahame Howard

Grahame Howard - Book

This is the sequel to Grahame’s first book ‘All Bagged Up’, which covered his ten-year struggle with ulcerative colitis before surgery for an ileostomy.

This book provides useful tips and suggestions, which Grahame has found helpful to living life with a stoma.

Living with a bowel disorder is never easy and when surgery is required, it can be quite scary.
The book offers help and encouragement to all those people, who may be going through these problems.

It’s In The Bag And Under The Covers

Brenda Elsagher

Stomawise - Book

This book is the inside scoop on many ways that people with ostomies deal with dating, intimacy, sex, and care giving.  Real stories by real people, who bravely share the difficulties and the ability to overcome the challenges and live more positively.

It’s Okay To Have An Ostomy

Ann Favreau

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

Ann Favreau informs and inspires by sharing prose and poetry about her ostomy journey.  Her message of transformation from cancer to caring resonates with hope and encouragement.