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100% accuracy at time of writing cannot be guaranteed.  A listing in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and does not mean it is an endorsement.  All companies listed are tried at the reader’s own risk.  All information provided is intended as a supplement to any professional help already

given.  Before acting on suggestions from anyone, ostomates are advised to check with a doctor or stoma care nurse that the course of action is suitable

for them. Whilst every care is taken, the author will not be held responsible.

















Books are a great source of information and comfort for many ostomates, and these days it is possible

to buy hardbacks, paperbacks, electronic books, etc.  Some of the books, which are available, are

listed below.  A few ideas for purchase options have been listed, but there are many more selling outlets, which can be found by searching the book title and author on the internet.


Caught Holding The Bag - Peter McGinn

Cover The Lies - Carla Vermaat

Excess Baggage - Tracy Lea Carnes

Octavia The Octopus Has An Ostomy - Rebekah Foguth

Tregunna - Carla Vermaat

What Every Body Is Saying - Carla Vermaat

Why Buttercup Wears A Bag! - Jo-Ann L. Tremblay


Alive & Kicking - Rolf Benirschke

All Bagged Up - Grahame Howard

Another Bag, Another Day - Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Awesome Ollie - Dawnette Meredith, Brittney Meredith

Bag Lady, A Memoir - Sandra Benitez

Bags Around The World - Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Bedpan Banter - Brenda Elsagher

Better With A Bag Than In A Bag - Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

But Man, Proud Man - John Robertshaw

The Colostomy: A Lifesaver - Sr. Donald J. Biggers

Courage Takes Guts - Lois Fink

Don’t Die Of Embarrassment - Barbara Barrie

Duct Tape Won’t Stick To A Leaky Ostomy Bag - David H. Brantley

Embracing Life - Rolf Benirschke

The Foul Bowel - John Bradley

The Good Gut Guide - Stephanie Zinser

Great Comebacks From Ostomy Surgery - Rolf Benirschke

Health The Way Nature Intended - Leanne D. Chan

I’d Like To Buy A Bowel Please - Brenda Elsagher

If The Battle Is Over, Why Am I Still In Uniform? - Brenda Elsagher

It Takes More Than Guts - Phillip Van Hooser

It’s In The Bag - Grahame Howard

It’s In The Bag And Under The Covers - Brenda Elsagher

It’s Not Over Until The Bag Lady Rings - Ian F. Spratley

It’s Okay To Have An Ostomy - Ann Favreau

Kitchen Table Wisdom - Dr. Rachel Remen

Leading A Support Group - Keith Nichols, John Jenkinson

The Little Book Of Kitchen Table Wisdom - Dr. Rachel Remen

Living Well With An Ostomy - Elizabeth Rayson

Living With A Stoma - Dr. Craig A. White

Loo Rolls To Lycra - Caroline Bramwell

My Other Bag’s A Prada - A. W. Cross

On Eagle’s Wings - Gail Parker

The Ostomy Book - Barbara Dorr Mullen, Kerry Anne McGinn

The Ostomy Life - Dave Matthew Jordan

Positive Options For Living With Your Ostomy - Dr. Craig A. White

Pretty Girl Blues - Jearlean Alston-Taylor

The Rough Guide To Accessible Britain - Motability

Second Act - Barbara Barrie

Smiling In The Darkness - Isobel Bradley

Stanley And Me Make Three - Jayne Prescott

Susie And Her Ileostomy - Shawn Fletcher

Unwanted Baggage - Elizabeth Prosser, Philip Prosser

Yes We Can! - Barbara Kupfer, Kathy Foley-Bolch, Michelle Fallon Kasouf, W. Brian Sweeney

You Have A Colostomy - Kathleen Calitri Brown, Ellen Shipes


Abdominal Stomas And Their Skin Disorders - Callum C. Lyon, Amanda Smith

Colostomy, A Medical Dictionary - ICON Health Publications

Coping With An Ostomy - Robert H. Phillips

The Essentials Of Pouch Care Nursing - Julia Williams

Holistic Stoma Care - Patricia K. Black

Ileostomy, A Medical Dictionary - ICON Health Publications

Medikidz Explain Stoma - Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair, Sara Westrop

Ostomies And Continent Diversions - Beverly G. Hampton, Ruth A. Bryant

Ostomies In Home Care - Sharon Kelly

Sam Has A Stoma - Colostomy Association

Stoma Care - Jennie Burch

Stoma Care - Theresa Porrett, Anthony McGrath

Stoma Care And Rehabilitation - Brigid Breckman

Wound, Ostomy, And Continence Nursing Secrets - Catherine T. Milne